Weyburn Tourism is looking ahead to 2024 with the recent launch of their new marketing campaign, "What's Up, Weyburn!" 

"We will be releasing a video that is really exciting and it just really captures Weyburn and as a whole," Executive Director Monica Osborn said. "We just really hope that when our residents see it, they're going to want share it. They're going to get some excitement out of it, and just be champions for Weyburn, and just ambassadors of our own community. It just highlights so much better when it comes from our residents rather than just our office all the time." 

Osborn said the video will be out in the coming days.

She noted that any groups who may be hosting events bringing more people to Weyburn, such as minor sports, should keep them in mind.

"Let us know when you're having an event, so that we can prepare our retail sector, as well as our hospitality sectors, to know that there might be an influx in people that are coming into our community.

"Our forward focus is to ensure that we have that gap bridged between events that are happening in Weyburn as well as getting that word out."

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