Coffee Row Question of the Day

Listen here to the Coffee Row Question of the Day!

Here's today's Coffee Row Genius come up with the right answer and become Saskatchewan's "Coffee Row Genius" plus wins the World Famous All You Can Eat Buffet Lunch only at Weyburn KFC.

Small Town Saskatchewan Scrabble

Small Town Scrabble

Where we select one town from our Province & mix all the letters up like a good old game of Scrabble. You guess the town name to win Lunch at Pumpjacks

5 letters


Answer: Morse

Congrats Norma!

Coffee Row Question

First with the right answer becomes Saskatchewan's "Coffee Row Genius" plus wins lunch at the World Famous All You Can Eat Buffet only at Weyburn KFC.

Here's the Coffee Row Question of the Day!

In a recent survey, 34% of people said that this is their most valuable posession. What?

Answer: Family Photos

Congrats Vance!

[VIDEO] Sask Selects Football Fundraiser a HUGE Success in Weyburn!

Thirteen young athletes from Weyburn were chosen to play for the South Sask Selects 11u, 12u, 14u and varsity teams.

And next month (February 20-25) they'll be on their way to San Antonio, Texas to participate in the 7th annual Pigskin International Tournament. Which is sure to be the trip of a lifetime, but it will also cost them a pretty penny.

So the boys from Weyburn decided to hold a Football Fundraiser Supper this past Saturday night, and it was a HUGE success!!!

With almost 300 people in attendance, the boys are looking to receive close to $550 each towards their goal.

They also held a bottle drive on Sunday, which brought in close to $800 for the boys to share.

"I think donations are not necessary now, as we want other organizations to be able to benefit from Weyburn’s generosity as well," said Wayne Cuthbert, Head of the Weyburn Selects.

Back to the fundraiser on Saturday... The night saw a number of celebrities in attendance. With Saskatchewan Roughrider Deffensive Lineman Eddie Steele headlining the night.

Take a look at our VIDEO from the night and see some of the best moments that took place.

For more information, take a look at our Original Story.

Weyburn Hockey Weekend | Jan 18, 19, 20

Coming up this weekend is Weyburn Hockey Weekend at Crescent Point Place and the Tom Zandee Sports Arena. The weekend will feature tons of hockey, fun games, and prizes. Special Events Coordinator for WMHA Ryan Hennie joined me in studio to talk about the upcoming weekend:


Deron: A big weekend for Weyburn Minor Hockey coming up!

Ryan: Thanks Deron, it is! It's going to be our sixth annual Weyburn Hockey Weekend and it's been something that's been introduced in Saskatchewan and Canada abroad and I'm hearing word of it evening taking off in other areas of North America and its getting some traction so we're excited to be doing something along with that.

Deron: It looks like its three days of action starting Friday with the Red Wings game?

Ryan: That's correct, so if you're out and about, come down to CPP, before the game we'll have some hockey relay races for small kids out on the street. We're blocking off Mergins Street right in front of CPP. There's going to be an outdoor enclosed tent where we'll have the AAA Gold Wings in there hanging out with the kids, doing face painting and relay races and trying to promote their game for Saturday night as well as the Make-A-Wish foundation. Friday night where we're going to do some raffle prize draws [Nintendo Switch] and donate all the proceeds to Make-A-Wish. It should be good if everybody would like to come out and show some support; that's what we're there for.

Deron: You mentioned the Gold Wings, they have a home game with one of their rivals, the Regina Rebels Saturday night at 7:30 and there's going to be tons to do there as well.

Ryan: We're going to do a tailgate party for them, just like on Friday night. It's going to start at about 5:30. We want to get as many people out to the rink as we can to support our local hockey teams and we'll have another major raffle draw [Sony Playstation 4] so it should be fun. People can come along and see what we're doing and hopefully we can have alot of fun with it.

Deron: So aside from the Red Wings and Gold Wings games, what else can people expect throughout the weekend?

Ryan: There's going to be relay races and some fun games taking place all day and we're going to have all our minor hockey teams that are around, they'll be playing their league hockey games. Then going into Sunday we'll be doing the same thing and then we'll have our local Red Wings team up and do "Hockey with the Wings". We're trying to implement some different stuff and if you're around and you've got your kids come out and watch and there's going to be autographs and tours of the dressing rooms and we'll wrap it up with a big photo with all the kids that are on the ice for all the kids that are involved in hockey. The idea of all this is we are trying to encourage people on the outside that are looking in to join hockey and be apart of it with us. It's supposed to help encourage everybody in the community to see what we're doing.



First AGM Ever For Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park!

The Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park was originally built on the grounds of the Saskatchewan Hospital in the 1970's. It was created by a group of dedicated hospital maintenance workers for the enjoyment of the hospital residents. It housed mainly farm animals that the residents were familiar with, giving them a sense of home during their hospital stay. Eventually the Saskatchewan Hospital became Souris Valley Extended Care Home and the Animal Park began growing in popularity with both the hospital patients and the community.

In 1985, Don Sealy took over taking care of the Animal Park. He, his family and various volunteers have worked hard to keep the Animal Park thriving and growing, adding a children's play area in honour of his Dad, Frank Sealy. Frank, along with many of the other residents, loved watching the animals and children enjoying the park.

In 2005, the Souris Valley Extended Care Home was demolished and Tatagwa was built. The Therapeutic Animal Park got a new home across from Tatagwa View. A lot of work and many long hours were put in, with the help of many great volunteers.

However, Sealey has recently passed the torch on to a Board of Directors, who are now working very hard to keep his dream going.

“With having a group of people we’re able to get so much more done, and we’re able to keep up with everything versus when it was Don trying to do everything by himself, it ends up being too much for one person, so with all of us we’ll be able to keep everything organized and we’ll just keep growing and keep the park going with the same direction that Don always wanted it to be,” explained Vince Sheldon, Media Director for the Therapeutic Animal Park.

And next month the Animal Park Board is planning the first ever Annual General Meeting for the park, with everyone in the community welcome to attend.

"We are hosting our first Annual General Meeting, since the Animal Park was taken over by the Board of Directors last fall," added Sheldon.

"We will have an AGM every year from now on, and this year we're hosting it at the Weyburn Credit Union Community Room. It's on February 20th at 7pm. It will probably end up being a farely quick meeting with everyone introducing themselves. You can meet the Board of Directors. We'll go over how the park will be run in the future and what we've been doing over the winter," said Sheldon.

For more information, and to contact the Board of Directors, feel free to visit the Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park Facebook Page.

Win a Sports Package!

Show off your sports star!

Send us a picture of your child playing any sport, and have a chance to win a sports package including a backpack, water bottle, and $100 gift card to Canadian Tire. We have four packages to give away. Draws will be made each Friday. (Jan 18, Jan 25, Feb 1, Feb 8)



Put It In Reverse

Put It In Reverse

Are you able to identify our mystery country song?

Answer: "What Makes You Country" by Luke Bryan

Coffee Row Question of the Day

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Common Country Contest

Common Country Contest!

Listen to this 12 second music mix. What do these 3 songs all have in common?

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