The Weyburn Oilwomen (WOW) will be continuing with previously-successful initiatives, as well as introducing more networking and learning opportunities in 2024. 

Acting Chair Carmen Sterling said they're hoping to host some workshops. 

"We're talking about some things that are helpful to like maybe home maintenance or vehicle maintenance, things where people who aren't sure about some of these types of things, where we can maybe put on some workshops for people to be able to learn some of that stuff."

"Some of our events are straight-up networking and opportunities for women to get together and enjoy something fun together," she noted. "Archery was a good example. We've had a night at the range in the past. We've had canoe and kayak events in the past, so events like that give people an opportunity maybe to learn something they haven't done before, have a little fun, meet some new people."

Sterling continued, "then some of the what we're looking at this year are keyed into that term 'empowerment', to be able to give somebody an opportunity to learn a little bit about something, an area that maybe they haven't had anything to do with in the past. And if that knowledge makes them feel more confident and comfortable, that's what our goal is." 

She said the WOW will definitely continue the Grad Outfit initiative, which was a success for the first time in 2023, as well as the Clear the List for teachers, the Santa for Seniors, their annual golf tournament in June, and the fall fundraiser gala. 

Sterling noted they're particularly proud of being the new sponsors for the Young Woman of Distinction Award for the YF Wives Women of Distinction Gala.
"We really couldn't do the things that we do in this community without the support of our sponsors, the business community, those that attend our events, and our members," she added. "But also, on a personal note, our board is very hands-on, and the women that are involved in our organization, that are part of our board right now, they really are passionate about the work that we do. And so I want to say thank you to them as well."

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