A program introduced by Community Futures Sunrise started out as something for rural entrepreneurs in southeast Saskatchewan. Soon, it was expanding to the whole province, which attracted the attention of the Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance. As a result, at their conference in Saskatoon last month, they presented CF Sunrise with the Chairperson’s Award.  

“I was really surprised,” said Andria Brady, the general manager of Community Futures Sunrise about learning they would be getting the award. “We're just kind of doing what we do, and don’t realize that others are watching and really supportive of what we’re doing. “It was a surprise, and certainly an honour to be chosen for this.” 

The award was for the GO Digital Sask program introduced by CF Sunrise. The program started in the offices here in Weyburn, supporting entrepreneurs in the southeast. Since its introduction, there was a demand for the program and it was expanded to cover the entire province. 

While the program has received accolades throughout the province, there aren’t any plans to take it national, Brady explained.  

“There is a similar program that is available in the province of Alberta already, and ours is modelled on that,” she stated. “At this point, we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to continue this in the province here beyond the end of the year because that’s when our funding currently does run out for the project.”