A yellow diamond with black writing is on the sidewalk just feet in front of the railway crossing on Government Road in Weyburn. The writing is just three simple words – Look. Listen. Live. Those words are the motto of Operation Lifesaver, and Weyburn is now one of over a hundred communities with these decals across Canada.  

The decals were put in place late last week but were officially unveiled Thursday afternoon as part of the events surrounding Rail Safety Week. 

“This week actually marks the 20th anniversary of Rail Safety Week in Canada, said Peter Dobrowolski, the Prairie Regional Lead of Operation Life Saver Canada. The organization is a non-profit that is dedicated to promoting rail safety. “I’m delighted to be here, today, on this anniversary to unveil the new safety rail incentive partnership with the City of Weyburn.” 

The key speaker at the event was Sandra LaRose.  

In August 2018, her daughter Kailynn was killed in a car-train collision at an uncontrolled crossing just southeast of Weyburn. LaRose noted that rail safety wasn’t something discussed as a typical topic of conversation in her home.  

“Kailynn was told that she would not hear the honking of a horn, the sirens of an ambulance, the shriek of a fire truck or the wail of a police car when she blasted her music in her car,” LaRose said. “I never thought until it was too late to include a train horn.” 

Since Kailynn’s passing, La Rose has made it her mission to influence a change in habits, and to encourage everyone to make safe choices while driving, especially around trains. Those choices aren’t just limited to ones made behind the wheel, though.  

“Although Kailynn’s accident included a car, pedestrian and cyclist safety is also important,” LaRose told the group gathered near the rail crossing on Government Road. “Whether crossing the tracks on foot, bicycle or vehicle, safety needs to be at the forefront in everyone’s minds. Loud music, distraction and inexperience all played a part in Kailynn’s accident. The simple mistake of playing your music loud in the car or in your ears through headphones can cost you your life.” 

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