Travis Patron will remain behind bars for a little while longer.

The former leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party was sentenced to one year in jail and one year probation Thursday afternoon at the Estevan courthouse. He had been found guilty earlier in the month for promoting hatred in a video published online.

Patron will receive credit for 197 days already served in jail, which will be subtracted from the 365-day sentence, meaning he'll have to serve 168 more days.

Crown Prosecutor Ryan Snyder had asked for a one-year sentence in his final submission on Thursday.

"One year is appropriate," he said.

In his final submission, Snyder pointed to several aggravating factors, including that the video, which targeted Jews, was up for an extended period of time for everyone to see before it was eventually taken down. He also emphasized that Patron never acknowledged what he did was wrong at any point during the trial.

Snyder also highlighted a victim impact statement from Michael Mostyn, the Chief Executive Officer of B'nai Brith Canada, which is Canada's oldest national independent Jewish Human Rights organization.

Snyder added that in every other similar case he reviewed, the longest sentence handed out was one year, although the crime does carry a maximum two-year sentence.

Judge D.N. Robertson asked Patron multiple questions during the hearing, including if he was sorry for what he had done, if he would like counselling, and if he had any future plans. Patron did not respond to any of the questions.

Prior to delivering his final sentence, Robertson recapped other Canadian cases that had similar criteria as a basis for his decision. He ultimately ruled one year in jail and one year probation. Snyder had asked for two years probation.

Snyder also suggested that a probation officer would not be necessary, given that there would not be any further instruction to Patron. Snyder said a colleague of his had recommended sensitivity training for Patron, but Snyder said he did not think Patron would be interested in this.

As a condition of the sentence, Patron will be prohibited from posting online or on any social media sites.