Heat and humidity. The staples of the summer, and they have finally arrived in Weyburn after what seemed like a long, cool start to the season. While temperatures, and precipitation, were within the seasonal averages, it seemed like the sunshine and warm temperatures were absent.  

“Summer includes all of these things; we see a lot of variability,” explained Natalie Hasell. She is a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. “We’re going to be under the influence of an upper-level ridge bringing us these very hot conditions, and ridges are slow to move. So, we’re in the heat for quite a while this time.” 

The heat is also coinciding with some smoky conditions. While an air quality advisory is no longer in effect, a haze caused by the smoke moving in from wildfires to the north and the west is in the air. The combination of the heat and the haze can cause concern for some, particularly those with underlying health conditions, those who work outdoors, seniors, and young children.  

“Very important for people to remain vigilant,” Hasell added about approaching this weather. “Find people who look like they’re not having a good time (in the conditions). It could be unrelated to the weather, but it could actually be the atmospheric conditions making them that way, and then you can get help.” 

The temperatures are expected to climb throughout the week, with daytime highs peaking at 34° on Thursday, and the humidex making it feel much warmer. You can stay up to date with the latest by checking the Discover Weyburn Weather page.