Increasing federal regulations on energy is becoming more and more of a pain point between the Saskatchewan government and the federal government.

The federal government's Clean Energy Regulations were released in August and laid out a plan that would create a net-zero energy grid in Canada by 2035.

Their regulations would move the country towards energy sources such as renewables and away from fossil fuel sources, which are heavily utilized in Saskatchewan.

The regulations have run into some local opposition from provincial governments and federal officials, including Conservative Souris-Moose Mountain MP Robert Kitchen.

"This government continually comes out with these new forms of taxing Canadians and putting a huge challenge on Saskatchewanians and all across the country. Ultimately, what it's going to do is it's going to increase costs and it's going to make it almost impossible for the provincial government to basically get things straightened out."

Kitchen believes the regulations would particularly affect areas such as the southeast, which uses a good amount of fossil fuels.

While the southeast has seen some clean energy advancement through its use of carbon capture units, the technology only gets a single mention in the regulations.

Kitchen says that under his party, they'd instead look towards carbon capture and storage as a big part of Canada's energy future.

"At the Conservative Party, we support carbon capture and storage. It's something that we see a lot of and we see a lot of that technology that should be advanced and we believe that it's technology that we should be using and not taxes to reduce emissions."

"So we will step up and when we become government and green light green projects like carbon capture by repealing unnecessary regulations and red tape that this government is putting in place."

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