It really wasn't that close.


Sask Party Candidate Dustin Duncan was re-elected last night in the Weyburn-Big Muddy constituency.

Duncan took home more 4902 votes, defeating N.D.P. candidates Sharon Elliott by 2876 votes.

Duncan says the results show the people of the province were tired of the same old N.D.P. government.

Liberal Candidate Colleen Christopherson-Cote was 3rd with 1003 votes followed by the Green Party's Al Birchard 157 votes.

The Saskatchewan Party taking home 37 of the 58 seats in the Legislature with the N.D.P rounding out the other 21.

The Liberals failed to get elected for the second straight provincial election.

Voter turnout in the Weyburn-Big Muddy constituency was good, 75% of eligible voters headed to the polls.

In the last provincial election 70% people in this constituency voted.