The Gifted Summer Market took place today in Jubilee park. It was a wonderful day full of smiles and beautiful handmade items displaying all the talent of every vendor there. We had the opportunity to speak with Regan Lanning our city curator and arts coordinator about the event.

"It's an absolutely wonderful day. It's been completely steady, lots of fun family activities, perfect temperature, yeah it's been an absolutely wonderful day. Gifted Summer is always my favourite day of the year."

We also spoke with Hannah Grieve who was selling resin projects.

"It's a very interesting medium to work with where you can use it as epoxy to coat things. I make fence hangers it's waterproof and it's basically like plastic once it's hardened."

There are all sorts of handmade items out there today but only until 5:00. There is definitely something for everyone. On top of that, there was even enough breeze to keep the bugs away to make for a perfect day.