Weyburn will benefit from the recently-released Provincial Budget, according to Executive Director of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, Monica Osborn.

She said the small business tax rate reduction extension of one percent is appreciated.

"As we all know, Weyburn is made up of mainly small businesses, so if that had been increased, that could be detrimental to a lot of our businesses in town. We just want to make sure that our business community stays viable for years to come, so we just want to encourage residents to go out and support our businesses as much as you can just to ensure that we can have an economic impact on our community."

She said our small businesses are already under a lot of pressure as it is. 

"They're serving as the owner, the operator, the marketing person, the HR person, so to be able to have that extension was just so important for our small businesses to remain our small businesses," she noted. "As of right now, our focus for the Chamber members is to make sure that the taxes aren't going to be increased. So as Minister Harpauer did state, they want to keep Saskatchewan as an affordable place to live."

Osborn pointed out that Weyburn is currently one of the most affordable places to live in Saskatchewan. "So making sure they're keeping up with their word, that's important for us as well, too."

Another highlight of the budget for Osborn and the Chamber is the $55 million being put towards the Weyburn General Hospital project. 

"Just as a growing community, it's a need for our community, and it's long overdue for that upgrade, so it's going to ensure the longevity of our community and our residents, and that future economic development growth off of what can happen with new projects like that, it can enhance the services that we are able to provide in our community."

Other items standing out for the Chamber, such as the near 14 percent increase in municipal revenue sharing, Osborn said is, "always welcomed by our municipalities, but what that looks like for our city and the R.M. of Weyburn. We don't specifically know those details, but any investments that come locally are great support for our economic growth, and like the infrastructure, improving that as a city, Weyburn will be receiving some funding for road infrastructure. But at this time what it looks like those numbers are still to be determined."

"I think anything that comes our way out of a provincial budget is great. I mean, there are many other communities that don't necessarily get some funding, so I think right now, we're sitting at a pretty good stance, and I applaud the Saskatchewan government for really considering our city and our area."

Osborn added that the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is trying to advocate over the next few years to lower the PST. 

"That would be very well received, I think, by all Saskatchewan residents, not just our community. But we're still putting a little bit of pressure on the Saskatchewan Chamber to ensure that the advocacy work that they've been doing on that so far is taken into consideration for future budget."