The Weyburn Public Library, known for its regular creative writing group, decided to experiment with something new in response to numerous requests to explore screenwriting. Darrell Prohar worked as an instructor and technician in Media Production at the University of Regina Film Department for 25 years. Now retired Darrell has offered to lead the class. 

“Chris at the library had mentioned about giving us a script writing class, that there were people interested, and all I did was mention that, oh well, here's a couple of good books to use. And then she asked if I'd be willing to do the presentation, so that's how it's come about.” 

 Writing for the screen is very different from writing a novel or writing for the stage, Darrell shares some quick tips. 

“Remember that it's not a novel and it's not a stage play. It's its own particular beast. If you think you can take a good novel and make it into a great film, you better be a really good writer and you always have to think visually. In a novel, you can spend a whole chapter on just what somebody is thinking. How do you show that in a film and still keep the pacing so people are still interested in the story?” 

The group will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 21 at the Weyburn Public Library. Register by calling 306-842-4352.