In these frigid temperatures, most people wouldn’t even think to turn on the air conditioner in their car. However, A/C is a good idea according to Chad Garling, owner and operator of Hillview Service in Weyburn. 

“The air conditioner works as a dehumidifier,” Garling said. “Run it a little bit once in a while and try to keep the air dry.” 

Keeping your car's temperature setting to hot and turning on the air conditioner will help defog and defrost the windows.  

"People are goofy and they try to turn the air conditioning off in the wintertime and stuff, but it's a waste of time because that's how the system works." 

Garling explained that it’s also a good idea to bring fresh air into the car instead of recirculating the warm air that’s already inside the car. 

“Warm up the inside air, it dries the car out and gets all moist inside. The windows are where it all freezes.” 

Another benefit to turning it on during the winter is it allows the refrigerant and oil in your car’s air conditioning system to flow, keeping important air conditioning components lubricated. If you don't use your air conditioner for a few months, some components could become seized.