The end of the cold snap is near, according to the forecasts from Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

Over the past two weeks, much of the province has been battered by wind, below normal temperatures, and in many cases extreme cold warnings. While there have been some reprieves at times, such as last Sunday when many parts of Saskatchewan got up into the single digits below zero, and this past Friday, when temperatures rose steadily overnight before plummeting again before morning, the cold has been starting to wear on many people. 

Now, temperatures are expected to return to seasonal for this time of year on Monday, and then by the middle of the week, nearly all of central and southern Saskatchewan will be on the positive side of the freezing mark.  

The forecast from Environment and Climate Change Canada is calling for temperatures Wednesday to range from 5° in the southeast and southwest parts of the province to 2° in the Kindersley and Humboldt areas. While there could be a bit of a dip back below freezing for the weekend, the temperatures are expected to hold around normal for this time of year for at least the coming week.