A young man facing cocaine trafficking charges was in Weyburn Court Tuesday, involved in what the federal prosecutor called a significant drug operation.

Eighteen-year-old Ethan Mitchell faces trafficking charges as well as having proceeds of crime exceeding $5,000. He was in custody awaiting a home address in which he could be released that was not within Weyburn. Federal Prosecutor Suzan Wurtz said during court proceedings that Mitchell was only in Weyburn to traffick cocaine and they were opposed to his release within the city.

Wurtz said the investigation that led to Mitchell's arrest began in February and evidence suggests he was involved with a "significant operation with hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales" and the investigation has ties to another recent investigation.

Mitchell was released on recognizance upon the payment of a $2,500 cash deposit. He was released to his parents home in Beaumont, Alberta. His release involves several conditions, including that he not attend Weyburn upon his release except for scheduled court appearances. Another condition stated the 18-year-old cannot have more than one cell phone and it must be on a monthly plan as opposed to pay-as-you-go. The phone can only be used for employment purposes. The prosecutor contended cell phones are the "bread and butter" of drug trafficking.

His case was adjourned to August 28.