According to the timeline for the 2024 City of Weyburn budget, the meeting on Monday was when it was expected for delegations to appear before the councillors to voice their thoughts and opinions on the preliminary budget that was presented on October 23rd. 

Last year, while the Youth Council was the only delegation to put their name forward during the council meeting to discuss the proposed budget, a group of concerned citizens held a separate meeting to discuss the budget and concerns they had about the budget. This year, it was thought more people would submit their names to speak. However, there were no delegations that submitted their names to speak. 

Mayor Marcel Roy was asked if holding the open house about the budget earlier this month played a role in giving the public the chance to learn about the budget process and to voice their thoughts. 

"Yes, it does," Roy answered. "Then, we're going to be presenting the budget, I believe in the next meeting." He added there could be more lively debate about the budget at that time.

The preliminary budget has a proposed increase of 6.47 percent, which works out to roughly another $10 a month for a home valued at $300,000. 

Councillor Jeff Richards, during the meeting, noted that he has heard from a number of people, both at the open house and in conversations outside of it, regarding the budget, and he expressed that he believed just holding the open house helped to spur those conversations on. 

It was a sentiment echoed by other councillors, including Ryan Janke, Mel Van Betuw and Larry Heggs.

"That's the right venue for it to take place," Heggs said after the meeting when asked about the open house. "I mean, the administration was there, they were prepared. I certainly hope that everybody's had their say and had a conversation, and I would certainly say this, and I think Councillor Van Betuw mentioned it, if you still want to reach out make sure you reach out now."

Weyburn City Council will be talking about the final budget at the meeting on December 11th. 


The report about the budget open house wasn't the only item on the agenda during the meeting Monday night.

Councillors voted on the tenders for the suppliers of the chemicals needed at the Water Treatment Plant. The suppliers were awarded annual contracts, and include things such as hydrofluorosilicic acid, sodium hypochlorite and potassium permanganate, all of which are integral to the water treatment process. 

The refuse bylaw received its second and third readings and will become effective on January 1st. The bylaw updates a number of parts of the bylaw, addressing rates and language clarity. Changes include offering an extra bin option, as well as the fee structure for the next three years. 

A resolution was also passed by the council regarding the provincial government's municipal revenue-sharing program. In order to receive the City of Weyburn's share of the three-quarters of a percentage point of the provincial sales tax revenue collected from two years earlier, the council had to confirm they meet all of the eligibility requirements. This includes the submission of an audited financial statement to the province, and the filing and updating of public disclosure statements from members of the council.

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