The Board of the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show on Wednesday night presented a $10,000 cheque to the Weyburn Fire Brigade.

"This donation is going towards our training ground. We've been fundraising now for a couple of years, and it's a really big help. This will go a long ways to helping us out to achieve our goal. It's coming along really good here. We're in phase three right now, and it all goes to help the community," shared Mike Hudson, president of the Weyburn Fire Brigade. 

Board Chair Dan Cugnet said, "The Fire Brigade is helping us out at the Oil Show, and we're happy to support them towards their training facility. We're always happy as a board to support first responders of any kind of stripes, but of course in the oil patch in an Ag community too. So we value our firefighters greatly."

"The idea is we're trying to always direct our funds back into things that help and improve the show, but also support the sector in the industry and of course training towards the Fire Brigade is part of that," Cugnet noted.

The Weyburn Fire Brigade has been helping out with first aid and security for the past few Oil & Gas show events, which are held every two years in Weyburn.

Cugnet added, "So this is a thank you and our appreciation for their support helping us with the show and vice versa, supporting and being there for the sector as a whole, day in and day out." 

The Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show is coming up June 4th, 5th, and 6th.