It's day 2 of a walkout by by lifeguards at the Weyburn Leisure Centre.

12 employees, including 10 lifeguards have walked off the job.

According to one of the lifeguards, who wishes to remain anonymous, the reason for the walkout is better wages.

The walkout comes as children are finishing swimming lessons today.

Weyburn Mayor Debra Button says it's disappointing that the lifeguards chose this action as nearly 60 children are affected by the walkoff.

The city has brought in a lifeguard to go over report cards of the children and with today being the last day, they should have a good idea of where the children were at.

If a child was struggling, the city will bring them back at the cities expense.

Mayor Button adds that last year the C.U.P.E. union negotiated a contract for the lifeguards, which was signed and expires December 31st in 2008.