Jenna Ganje, formerly of Weyburn, embarks on an exciting new journey and she is a woman on a mission. Relocating to Calgary just a year ago, Ganje became part of the Netflix team. However, shortly after her hiring, SAG – AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) hit the picket line. The strike lasted almost four months and resulted in many layoffs and Ganje was included in those ranks. However, what looked like a series of unfortunate events opened a door to an unexpected opportunity to team up with other industry leaders to become co-owner of the new NGBN Television Network.  

While the network just launched on January 29th, Ganje’s success is already taking her to one of the most sought-after media events in the world – the Super Bowl, where she is broadcasting live from Radio Row. Businessman, industry veteran and CEO of the new network, Ian Hill shares why he teamed up with Ganje. 

Photo courtesy of Jenna Ganje's Facebook pagePhoto courtesy of Jenna Ganje's Facebook page

“Jenna is incredibly talented, she has a tremendous eye for what’s right when it comes to broadcasting, once we got her on the team, she started engineering shows, she started producing shows, we have 50 shows on the network, and she produces 13 of them.” 

The network’s demographics are men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, viewers can look forward to programming on hunting, fishing, hockey, and much more. However, this network has a greater purpose that reaches beyond good television. 

“These men are seventy percent more likely to succumb to suicide more than any other segment of the population and they are mostly farmers, oil patch workers, and construction workers. This network is dedicated to bringing that number down, too many fathers, too many sons, uncles, brothers, nephews, our friends, and neighbors, too many are succumbing to suicide and together we’re trying to do something about that,” said Hill. 

Ganje shares it was a suicide that spurred the group to launch their network sooner rather than later, “We had a tragedy within our own network, we decided we needed to go full force.”  

Hill explained that NGBN TV is in 87% of homes across Canada and the United States and in a few months the team will launch an additional network in Canada.

Photo courtesy interviewing Terron Armstead, Offensive Tackle, Miami DolphinsPhoto courtesy interviewing Terron Armstead, Offensive Tackle, Miami Dolphins


“Our Canadian network will be made by Canadians for Canadians,” added Ganje. 

“I’ve been to Weyburn, I’ve been to Midale, and Estevan, wonderful people and great communities. Our Canadian network wants to tell the stories of communities like those and all the amazing people, organizations, and what makes Canada great.  It’s small-town Canada, that's what makes Canada great,” shared Hill. 

To check out the live Super Bowl coverage and the many NGBN network programs you can download its app on ROKUAmazon, and Google Play, and in a few days, the app will also be available on Apple. You find more details on NGBN on its website.

Photo courtesy of interviewing Mack Hollins, Wide Receiver, Atlanta Falcons Photo courtesy of interviewing Mack Hollins, Wide Receiver, Atlanta Falcons