ChatGPT, Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Microsoft Bing, Google Gemini. These are all various AI services that are available for people, whether they are business owners, employees, or students, to use for a variety of purposes. Over the past year, there have been several advances when it comes to machine learning, with the ability for computers to help do everything from identifying a specific weed in a field to helping write an essay. The use of these tools also comes with pros and cons.  

As more and more businesses in the Weyburn area look at using AI in their workplace, a number of questions come up on how to best use these platforms, and how it can be a benefit, or possibly a hindrance. Community Futures Sunrise, which helps out small businesses and entrepreneurs in the southeast, is looking to help those businesses with a few seminars in the coming months.  

Andria Brady is the general manager of Community Futures Sunrise. She pointed out that while there has been a lot of talk about AI recently, a lot of the same services these platforms provide have been used for a while now.  

“Many of us use it on a regular basis, and have been for some time, without even realizing it,” Brady noted. “Things like autoresponse on social media pages, things like that. It’s not as new or as unknown as some people may think it is.” 

When it comes to the use of AI, part of it is determining which one works best for the workplace. Brady suggested doing the research and finding something that fits. As well, take the time to understand how to use it.  

Another key thing Brady said people should keep in mind when using AI platforms is not just taking what is generated by the computer verbatim.  

“Take that, and just use it as an outline, and then make that document your own,” Brady noted. “So, changing the wording, making it sound more like it’s you, and making sure that if it references anything, any facts or any figures or anything like that, that you do some research outside of that platform to make sure that those are actual correct figures.  

Community Futures Sunrise will be hosting some seminars on the use of AI in the workplace in the coming weeks. You can find details about those programs by visiting their page.