An '80s Grad Night' themed Ladies Bonspiel was held on the weekend at the Weyburn Curling Club. 

Organizer Danette Tracy said they hadn't held the annual event since 2020, and eight teams participating, which is the minimum, but it made for a more intimate fun time.

"Friday night was the pre-grad high school party, and then the Saturday they went with the grad, with the gowns and whatnot, so it was fun," she shared.

brady rink

grad party

grad rink

"Of course, we had to keep the entertainment COVID-friendly," she noted. "So like 'minute to win it' games, and things related to the grad theme." 

Tracy said she wore her original grad gown.

"A lot of them were pulling out their mom's and their sisters' grad gowns, or bridesmaids dresses and whatnot, and just the more 80s, the better." 

She said they chose not to curl in the actual gowns.

"A lot of them had their neon leg-warmers on, and their long sweaters with the belts on, for the curling part." 

Tracy said the bonspiel was mostly for fun. 

"It was six-ends. Let's get out there. Curl, have a little fun, socialize, and so it made for a very relaxing weekend. Fun and relaxing," she commented.

She said it was a lot of fun and it was a lot of abilities. 

"On on my team, I had gotten just some special Olympic curlers to curl with me this year and we just wanted to get out and have fun, and curl together and ended up in the a final," she shared. 

"We ended up tying and then we all decided we were going to just have one person from our team throw the rock, and nobody wanted to do it and I'm like, I think we'd like to get Robin to do it. That was one of our Special O girls, and she goes well, sure, I'd love to do it," she shared.

"We ended up winning our game thanks to our Special O curler, who drew to win the a final, so it was pretty cool."

on the ice

80s ladies

Photos courtesy of the Weyburn Curling Club / Facebook.