Teachers in Weyburn, and throughout the province, will be on the picket lines today as part of a one-day strike that had been announced by the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation. As a result of the strike, all schools in Weyburn will be closed for the day. 

There have been no picket sites for Weyburn announced as of yet, but the STF has said they will be holding a rally outside of the Legislature in Regina and are expecting upwards of 4,000 teachers to attend from the surrounding areas. 

This is the third province-wide one-day strike conducted by the STF since the start of job action in January. They have held rotating strikes, and have been rotating the withdrawal of voluntary lunch services as well. 

Extracurricular activities have been impacted as well and will be again this week, with the STF withdrawing extracurricular support for tomorrow and Friday. 

The labour dispute between the STF and the provincial government has been at an impasse since October. The main sticking point between the two sides is the inclusion of language concerning classroom size and complexity in the collective agreement. The STF has noted other provinces have it included in their contracts, but the provincial government is steadfast that they will not include it in the contract.

Binding arbitration was proposed by the STF last week, but the offer was rejected by the government.