After a week where 75 percent of the tickets issued under the Traffic Safety Act were for speeding, the Weyburn Police Service is reminding motorists that speed limits are there for a reason.  

In the period from March 25th to March 31st, the WPS issued nine tickets for speeding. This was nearly half of all the charges, criminal or otherwise, issued for the week. The other traffic tickets issued last week were for disobeying a stop sign, driving without a license, and using an electronic communication device while driving.  

Corporal Ryan Cherniawsky with the Weyburn Police Service noted the weather does play a factor in speeding.  

“Every ear with the warmer weather, environment conditions – snow and ice and whatnot, aren’t slowing us down, so we do generally find that certain motorists are getting to places a little bit faster, and maybe not watching speed,” Cpl. Cherniawsky said.  

The WPS is also planning to conduct a number of high-visibility enforcement projects throughout the spring and summer. The projects focus on impaired driving but also look out for other traffic violations.  

“I can tell you from personal experience that despite the high visibility nature of these check stops we do regularly find impaired drivers this way,” Cherniawsky added.  

Last week, the WPS responded to 109 calls for service, resulting in 21 charges. Of those, 12 were under the Traffic Safety Act, another eight were Criminal Code charges, and one was under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act.