The shelves are getting stocked again at the Salvation Army food bank in Weyburn, thanks to recent support from several groups, businesses and residents.

Community Ministries Coordinator Jennifer Lorinczy said they recently had large donations from Miller Well Servicing, United Steel Workers Union Local 6717, Blue Earth, CIBC, and the Weyburn Credit Union.

"Our shelves are looking pretty good, actually, compared to what they were," said Lorinczy. "As well as having the huge food donations, we've had lots of people stop by and drop off food as well. That's very important too, it helps keep us stocked up."

She says there's still more to come from the Southeast Regional College's food drive taking place until the end of the week.

Despite the influx, Lorinczy doesn't want to discourage any donations and said the demand is still high.

"Compared to last month, I'd say it's about the same, but if you compare stats from last year to this time it's definitely up 40 to 50 per cent."

She also doesn't want to discourage anyone from using the food bank, despite the high demand, it is still there for those who need it.

Contact the Salvation Army to make an appointment with Lorinczy if you need food bank assistance.

United Steel Workers Union Local 6717 with their recent donation to the food bank.


Shannon Miller and Abby Kradovill with Miller Well Servicing's donation to the food bank.