While the daytime high today is in the plus double digits, tomorrow will feel like a second winter, even though it is officially the first day of the 'Astronomical Spring'.

Meteorologist Terri Lang with Environment Canada said it is still consistent with the spring weather in Saskatchewan.
"Astronomical spring means the sun is over the equator tomorrow on its way northward, but we don't use astronomical spring in the weather department, we use Meteorological Spring," she explained. "But there is quite a change coming."

The current weather system that has been moving through northern Saskatchewan into northern Manitoba has been putting us into a southwesterly flow of warmer weather throughout the province. 

"So it's really mild temperatures today, highs in the low teens, it looks like and there isn't much snow on the ground around you folks [in the Weyburn area], so you should be able to get to that temperature," Lang noted. "There are other places in Saskatchewan with snow that will probably have difficulty getting to that temperatures like that. But we will see the winds switch around this evening into a northwesterly direction, and that always means colder air is coming in."

She said this is because a big push of Arctic air will be coming behind this weather system, which is modified due to the sun getting higher, helping keep things warmer overall.

"So it won't be as cold as it would be if we got the same push in January, but it's still going to be a bit of a shock, just because I think people have been enjoying the nice warm weather, but it's going to be on the cold side, running below average, at least into the foreseeable future."

Lang said we need to be prepared for that cold air taking us through this weekend.

Snow is forecasted for Thursday, but Lang said the southeast may not get too much.

"There is a weather system moving in through Alberta, but this once this cold air gets established, it's going to be kind of holding off the weather systems just because cold air is real dense and heavy. So the the snow will have a bit of trouble, kind of getting farther east looks like southeastern Saskatchewan will just kind of be on the the eastern edge of this weather system."

She said some weather models are keeping the snow completely out of the southeast. 

"Some bring it a little further east, but in any case doesn't look like too much in the way of snow for southeastern Saskatchewan with this weather system," she shared.

However, anyone who plans to travel west at all should keep this in mind, and check the highway hotline and the weather forecast before heading out. 

"It does look like there might be another weather system moving through Saturday, Sunday, Monday. We'll see with that one, and that one might bring some snow as well," she noted. "The cold air is thanks to a big ridge of Arctic high pressure, and the snow is thanks to some low pressure disturbances that are trying to make their way around the cold air and have a little trouble getting through, so we'll see."

It's the clash of those two weather systems, she explained, that usually bring the snow. Weyburn, she added, is right on the edge of these battling systems.