The Richardson Pioneer Weyburn Red Wings held their spring camp this past weekend. Players from across the province, and a few from outside of the province as well, took part in the event.  

The players were split across six teams, two of which were for younger players. They took part in a number of events, including seminars on training and mental health, as well as scrimmages through the weekend.  

The level of competition was high, according to assistant coach Nathan Deck. 

“It was a good weekend,” Deck said. “A lot of surprises this weekend, which is good. Our scouts did a good job of bringing in a lot of good, young prospects. It was good to see. It was fun hockey to watch. It was fast, skilled players.” 

The event wrapped up with a Red and White game featuring some of the top performers from the camp. 

From here, the coaches and scouting staff will be taking in some of the tournaments still be held, such as the Mac’s Tournament scheduled for Alberta. Then, the league draft will be held in June. From there, the team will get ready for the fall camp, which opens at the beginning of September. 

Based on what was on display this past weekend, Deck feels it could be a great camp. 

“I'm sure there will be some tough decision to make, which is a good thing,” Deck elaborated. “It means the team’s going in the right direction. It will be a fun September, and it will be good hockey to watch there as well.”