On Thursday while conducting traffic enforcement, a member observed a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed.  A traffic stop was conducted after the vehicle was found travelling at 104km/h in a 40km/h zone.  The driver was charged under the TSA and the vehicle was impounded for seven days.  

When speeding costs you your vehicle, it might be time to consider slowing down while driving.

The Weyburn Police Service on Thursday of last week impounded someone's vehicle or seven days for going 104 km/h in a 40 km/h zone.

Police Chief Jamie Blunden said the majority of drivers in Weyburn are good drivers, who obey the rules of the road for the safety of the community.

"In this instance, this vehicle was traveling at a speed that was exceeding the speed limit quite a bit," he explained. "We're looking at almost two and a half times. So I'm saying that he was charged for the speeding as well, we were able to impound his vehicle for the seven days."

Blunden said since the weather is not currently ideal for walking and biking, those who count on their vehicles for transportation should be following the rules of the road.

"If you're not doing that then you'll probably take the chance of not having a vehicle to be able to drive," he added.