The planning is underway for the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce’s Summer Parade. One of the most anticipated events of the summer, this year there will be a few changes to the parade, including when it is scheduled to be held.  

“This year, we are changing it to Thursday, July 6th, which actually is going to be kicking off the Weyburn Agricultural Society’s Fair Days as well, so we’re making sure that we’re including all of our partners and stakeholders to ensure that we have just a great excitement around everything starting for the summer,” explained Monica Osborn, the Executive Director of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce.  

The later date isn’t the only change for this year’s parade.  

Traditionally, the marshalling area for the floats, vehicles and other participants of the parade has been along 5th Avenue North to the west of 5th Street. 

Due to where the hospital grounds are being built, we’re unable to go that way on 5th Ave, so we’re actually heading the other way on 5th Avenue to line up,” Osborn explained. “We’ll ensure that we make sure that communication is put forward to those that are registering to enter the parade.” 

As there has been in years past, there is no limit as to the number of entrants for the parade. Additionally, businesses and organizations, and even individual people, can enter the parade whether or not they are members of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce.  

Those who are interested in entering the parade can register on the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce website.