The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce has opened up nominations for the Golden Spike Award.

"We're really excited to bring back again the presentation of the Golden Spike award," said Monica Osborn, Executive Director with the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce. "We do it every other year, so this year, our President's AGM, which will be held on March 27th, will be an evening event and we will be honouring a special guest that has been nominated from their peers or other people in the community that feel that they have made an outstanding contribution to our community through his or her demonstration of leadership, innovation and volunteer services during the years preceding the day of the award."

The award has been presented since 1982, and is open to those of all ages and experience, not limited to those nearing the end of their work career.

The 2022 recipient was a teacher at Weyburn Comprehensive School, Rod Neviadomy.

"He made major contributions to the comp and educating those kids in regards to the trades industries and that kind of stuff," noted Osborn. "So it's open to anyone of all ages that has just really put their effort into volunteering for our community."

Community involvement can include a leadership role or a professional presence, with the emphasis being on volunteerism or advocacy.

"Many deserving recipients have received this recognition for their work which helps Weyburn build a strong community," she shared. "We encourage you to think of a person who exemplifies such qualities as leadership and innovation."

"Each year, we have many excellent nominations to choose from and we look forward to reviewing those nominated in 2024," Osborn added.

Nominations are due by Friday, March 8th, 2024, and forms can be picked up at the Chamber office or found online HERE.

"Nomination forms are available on our website, under the awards category for the Golden Spike Award, and it's a Google form, so once you fill it in, it will come directly to us. It can just be sent in electronically and it will come right directly to our inbox." 

The winner of the Golden Spike Award will be presented at the President's Annual General Meeting taking place on March 27, 2024, which will feature guest speaker Cody Demerais.

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