The first performance goes tonight for the Weyburn Comprehensive School's senior musical the Wedding Singer. Read more HERE.

With it, they'll have a chance to use their new wireless microphones for the first time in front of an audience.

"We recently completed a collaborative replacement of our well used wireless microphone systems in the Cugnet Centre. The purpose of the project was to replace aged equipment and to improve the quality of our various presentations and arts events in the Cugnet Centre," shared Vice Principal Dion Hrynewich. 

He said the analog system previously in place was simply worn out, and were not able to be replaced without an upgrade.

"The systems had simply worn out through use and age, and we could no longer source replacement parts or repairs," he explained. "The old systems were analog and we often had signal and sound quality issues due to them competing for frequency space, etc., which had a negative effect on performance sound quality and clarity."

Hrynewich said the new systems are all digital and they installed paddle antennas to best guarantee high-signal reception quality which together equals great sound quality.

"This project was made possible in part from the continued support from local patrons of the arts and music. As such, we would like to take this opportunity thank Dan and Tana Cugnet for their generous contributions to this project in support of the arts in our school and community. Their support allowed us to collaboratively develop the best wireless system possible to benefit our students, community and all the great arts and music events that take place the Cugnet Centre."

Tonight's performance of the Wedding Singer will be the first performance to utilize this great new microphone system. 

"We will have 24 cast members on wireless headsets and 4 cast and crew on handheld wireless mics for a total of 28 wireless mics in use for the performance," he told. "We encourage community members to get their tickets and to come out and enjoy the show."

He added that tickets are available at the WCS school office.