One of the many dignitaries to spend time at the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show this week was Souris-Moose Mountain MP Dr. Robert Kitchen. He was also one of the few dignitaries to spend both days at the show, talking with exhibitors, visiting with attendees, and learning more about the industry.  

“They just get better every year,” said Dr. Kitchen. “That’s the fantastic thing about this show.” 

Kitchen noted the exhibitors and vendors, along with the show’s organizers, were also quick to adapt to teh conditions, dealing with winds upwards of 90 kilometres an hour at times, which caused some havoc on the exhibition grounds. The readiness and ability to deal with the changing conditions wasn’t the only thing that made an impression on Kitchen.  

“You see all the booths that are around, throughout the two arenas, and so many people getting out and about and learning; that’s important,” the MP stated. “I think the other part is what I see as I walked around was the enthusiasm that seems to be coming back in the industry. That part is just fantastic.” 

Kitchen also pointed out something nearly every attendee appreciated about the show: the showcasing of the innovation from the industry.  

“The one thing about the industry is they take steps to upgrade what they’re looking at, how to improve it, how to make it more environmentally friendly, how to make it more effectibe and efficient, and they do that to get that technology out there,” Kitchen said. “So every year we see that continued growth, and I think that’s a fantastic avenue to see.” 

While he was appreciative of the innovation, and the enthusiasm, on display, one thing that truly captured the attention of Kitchen was an announcement shortly after the show officially opened – a partnership between Teine Energy and the provincial government to bring courses on the oil and gas industry to the Saskatchewan Distance Learning Centre.  

“Why not start learning that where you can get credits while you’re in school to advance that, as you progress, and as you determine what’s best for you.” 

The Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show will be returning to Weyburn in 2026.