It's not often you hear of a student from Weyburn Comprehensive School (WCS) getting pretty much a full ride to the University of Saskatchewan (U of S). 

Dalton Molnar was presented with the U of S's George and Marsha Ivany President's First and Best Scholarship on Monday. His parents were in attendance for the presentation made by Student Recruitment Officer from the U of S, Ally Cherte.

"I walked into the office, and she was there, and I got the award, and it was pretty impressive."

Molnar applied in December after being accepted to the Edwards School of Business. He said while the academic standings to hold weight in determining the recipient of the scholarship, community involvement is another component.

His involvement can not be understated, as not only is Molnar part of the Weyburn Youth Council, who meets with the regular Weyburn City Council, but he has also kept active in athletics.

"I've been a part-time coach for the Weyburn Silver Seals for about two or three years now," he noted. "I've also worked at the [Weyburn Leisure Centre] as a lifeguard for quite a while. I play club volleyball and high school volleyball, and I have for a couple of years. I played hockey for a long time as well."

He said going to school for business wasn't something he had always planned.

"I was bouncing around a couple of ideas. I really liked the sciences and I wanted to be an engineer for a while, but after taking the entrepreneurship 30 class at WCS, I really zoned in on business and really found my passion."

Molnar was, in fact, the co-president of the Cloud9 Blanket Co., the business that was planned, developed, executed, and closed by the students in Margot Arnold's Entrepreneurship 30 class last semester.

He said he wants to one day open his own business.

"I really enjoy entrepreneurship and at the minimum I want to be an entrepreneur for somebody's company."

He added he is looking forward to graduating with his peers this June.