Many people have been giving statements and offering their condolences after the death of the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. 

Weyburn Mayor Marcel Roy said it’s a loss to the world. 

“With all these Platinum Medals coming out, it was a very interesting thing that she's been one of the few longest serving monarchs ever in history, and we will probably never see that again for hundreds of years.” 

King Charles III is set to take over, and Roy said he doesn’t think this will be an easy transition. 

“I think it's going to really throw the world into a bit of turmoil because the monarchy is still very important, and very much a part, especially in European arenas.”   

Roy said there have been rumours about how the change will affect Canada and other Commonwealth countries.  

“They were talking about all the people in the British Commonwealth, and that each leader was going to take a turn at leading the Commonwealth. That would be very interesting considering what type of leadership we have within some of the countries of the Commonwealth. It's going to be very questionable as to what is going to happen and where this is all going to lead to, so we'll wait and see.” 

He said Queen Elizabeth II was a very well-liked monarch and a good person.  

“Our condolences to the families over there, and also the condolences to the families of James Smith Cree Nation. We are having all these things, and hopefully one won't overshadow the other. There have just been a lot of things going on in the world.”