This week, we've heard from a local Chiropractor and Physiotherapy Assistant on ways to stay safe while shoveling snow. While safety is important to everyone, a key reason shoveling is such an important task is for mail and parcel delivery.

When it isn't too cold for letter carriers, another way to keep safe is clearing the walkway of ice, snow, and debris.

According to Janis Colliness, Area Superintendent with Canada Post for Weyburn, Estevan and area, there is a protocol for carriers who can't get to the mailbox.

“Our carriers' safety is extremely important to us, so when a walkway isn't shoveled or it appears icy, or there's debris on the walkway to the mail receptacle, then, for the day, the delivery agent or the letter carrier will bring the mail back, and we'll re-attempt the next day,” she explained.

She said the team of Superintendents and Supervisors need to use their discretion and take measures to protect the carriers.

“Whenever a letter carrier brings to our attention a safety concern, like extreme temperatures or a snow-covered walkway, we absolutely take every concern seriously, and ensure that our team members have all the equipment that they need to ensure their safety and that they're making safe choices out there.”

She added Canada Post ensures its team members are trained and equipped to handle every safety concern on their route.