The St. Michael School Drama Club is proud to present their latest production, Jump & Jive Juliet, this Friday, May 5th at 7:00pm, and Sunday, May 7th at 2:00pm. This playful spin on the Shakespearean classic "Romeo and Juliet" features slight adaptations to the original story that will have the audience slapping their knees and laughing out loud. 

Leading actor Ryan Hansen commented, "It's not a very typical 'Romeo and Juliet' but it still keeps the good Shakespeare parts. I think you'll like the ending."

Hansen is a returning performer for the role of Juliet, having starred in past productions such as "The Bright Side" and "Oklahoma" alongside her Co-Lead, Harper Williams. 

"I think the ending will be a little bit of a surprise for them, because we get a little more action in the ending," added Williams. She takes the stage this Friday as Ron Montague, AKA Romeo. 

Preparations for the production began in early January with students not only responsible for memorizing lines, but also volunteering to build their own set. Hansen said, "We all volunteered to do set because we enjoy art, and all the different forms of art. It was super fun to do set, listen to the songs and practice the lyrics, maybe do some dancing. It was really fun."

Williams also added, "The set pieces were made right here in our PAA Lab, so it adds that nice element to the stage, and we'll be able to re-use pieces of the set from year to year as well."

The students are now working through dress rehearsals, putting in hours of extra-curricular time to prepare for their opening night. Tickets to the performances are available at the St. Michael School office for $10 per adult, and students gaining free admission. Show times are May 5th at 7:00pm and May 7th at 2:00pm. Listen to the audio clip below for William Shakespeare's advance-rating of the coming performance: