The 13th annual STARS Lottery has officially launched, and ticket sales are now open, inviting the community to participate in a life-saving cause. This year's lottery promises an exciting array of prizes, including luxury vehicles, dream homes, and substantial cash rewards, all while supporting the vital services provided by STARS air ambulance.

The funds raised through the lottery are crucial for maintaining and upgrading the STARS fleet of helicopters, ensuring they are equipped with the latest medical technology and ready to respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice. Additionally, the proceeds will support the ongoing training and development of STARS medical crews, allowing them to deliver the highest standard of care.

The STARS Lottery has become a cornerstone event, bringing together individuals and businesses in a collective effort to support emergency medical services.

Mark Oddan, Lotteries Program Manager with STARS talks about the 10,000 missions in the past decade and how they relate to the lottery.

"It's really a testament to the strength of community in Saskatchewan and that's what it's all about. STARS would not exist without the community supporting us through various means. The lottery is our largest fundraiser of the year, but it's our government supporters, it's our corporate donors, it's our individuals, our service clubs, our kids who have lemonade stands and bringing their money to us. So, when we talk about 10,000 missions, that's a huge milestone. In a perfect world we wouldn't have to go for anyone. But the fact that we can be here and provide that level of care and that service to that many people and their families and their communities over the last little over a decade, that's pretty powerful and we could not do it without the people of Saskatchewan."

There are 1503 amazing prizes available this year. 

  • $253,305 ultimate adventure early bird prize 
  • $100,000 fantasy getaway bonus prize 
  • 3 thrilling vehicles or cash 
  • 3 exciting vacations or cash 
  • 2 stunning dream homes 

Plus, there is the 50/50 and 40 draws of $10,000 awarded daily. 

Dr. John Froh, the Chief Medical Officer for STARS, talked about the importance of the lottery but also how everything they do is about the patient.

"Everything we do is about the patient at the end of this mission. And so, when we say very important patients, we mean exactly that. Without our patients, we don't exist. And in fact, everything we do is for the next patient."

You can help support the STARS lottery and ensure that they are there for everyone across Saskatchewan. 

Dr. John Froh had this to say in closing:

"It is very important to keep us in the air and we are so thankful to have been here since 2012. We have flown over 10,000 missions and we look forward to being here for a long time.  

Tickets can be purchased here.