The ghouls and goblins will be out tonight, as kids of all ages go trick-or-treating to celebrate Halloween. While there will be a lot of fun to be had and candy to be collected, Constable Preston Roy with the Weyburn Police Service has a few safety reminders.  

  1. If children are going to be out after dark, ensure they’re visible. “Consider using reflective outerwear or use glow sticks or flashlights.” 

  1. It’s going to be a cold one this year, so bundle up. “Dress for the weather, and make sure that the children can still properly see when they’re looking both ways when they’re crossing the roads.” 

  1. Supervision is important. “We always encourage that young children are accompanied by an adult when trick-or-treating.” 

  1. Older children may need reminders too. “For older children, just make sure you have a plan in place of where they plan on going, and consider giving them a mobile phone.” 

  1. General safety reminders still apply on Hallowe’en. “Always go through safety reminders with children, like only go to well-lit houses, and never go inside anyone’s home.” 

  1. Bone appetit. “The common one is to tell children not to eat any treats until they’re home, so that way parents can inspect the candy before eating any.” 

While those are the tips for children who are trick-or-treating, there are also some tips for adults as well. 

  1. Be mindful behind the wheel. “It’s important that drivers are driving with care and attention, slowing down in areas and watching out for children.” 

  1. Being able to see is important. “We want to make sure our windshields are clean. Hopefully, it’s not too much of a blizzard condition, but we want to make sure that the driver can clearly see out of all windows when they’re driving.” 

  1. Be mindful of sidewalks. “With the winter conditions, just try and do your best to make sure your walkways are clear of any ice. That way, the little ones aren’t slipping when going up and down stairs.” 

The most important reminder from Constable Roy? 

“I just hope everyone has fun and stays safe out there.”