No extracurricular activities will be available to students today at the schools in Weyburn due to province-wide job action being taken by members of the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation (STF). 

In an announcement coming in over the weekend, there will be rotating full-day strikes tomorrow at specific schools in the province. However, the South East Cornerstone Public School Division was not named as one of the divisions impacted at this time, which means there will be school for all students on February 27th in SECPSD schools.

Noon-hour supervision tomorrow, however, will not be done by the classroom teachers. 

According to Keith Keating, Director of Education with the Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division, supervision will be provided by non-teaching staff, parents, and community members.  

"We are asking families, if possible, to arrange to have their children go home for noon hour on that day.  Though supervision is being provided it would be helpful to those who are filling the role to have fewer students than typical on this day," Keating requested.

Further STF job action may impact our schools in the future. 

"We understand that the STF intends to give 48 hours’ notice when announcing job action. We continue to be hopeful that a resolution will be reached and are supportive of the collective bargaining process," said Keating's statement. "Please watch your email as well as our SECPSD website for notifications of job action.  We will keep you informed of any developments as we hear them and notify you of the potential impact on school operations."