Oilman and philanthropist Dan Cugnet of Weyburn has released a second album, out on all digital music platforms today. It's a follow up album to, 'Rodeo Cabaret', released in November of 2021.

This album is simply called, "45". However, the reasons for this name aren't as simple.

"The number 45 sort of has a lot of significance in different ways. I think of 45 as a, you know, that's a record, right? The old 45s. And my dad was actually born in 1945, so I thought that was kind of neat. And then you know you think of some old western cowboy songs, and you think of a Colt 45 and that was the gun that won the Wild West."

Today is also Cugnet's 45th birthday. 

"So it's one of those things, not to be too melancholy, but it's like if I'm really lucky, I'm probably around the halfway point, right? I'm at the top of the hill. Am I still on my way up or on my on way down? I guess nobody knows that, other than time itself."

He said he was glad to work once again with Saskatoon-based producer, Bart McKay, on an album of which he said they're both quite proud.

"There's some tunes on it that are balanced, there's some that have a way more upbeat kind of 70s outlaw country vibe," he shared. "There's a couple that are acoustics that are really neat, so together they all fit and and I think it's pretty cohesive."

"There's some different sounds on there, but I'm a huge fan of hearing a fiddle in a song, and a harmonica, and organ, and the mandolin, and some of them have a banjo," he noted. "I really like a lot of the those different instruments, which I think gives a lot of it a more traditional feel."

"Bart produced all of it and did the arranging on all of it, and you can really feel his touch on it, too. It's a pretty great collaboration. We both really enjoy working with each other and I know I've had a lot of fun with it, and I know that he has, too."

He said just like his first album, a listener notices different things with each listen, but that ol' country torch 'n' twang is a sure thing with both of Dan Cugnet's albums.

Find '45' on Apple Music, Spotify, and more today.

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