During Monday's meeting of Weyburn City Council, unanimous approvals were made for reports from the departments, the request to raise a PRIDE flag throughout next week, a home-based business application, and two liquor permits.

One of those approvals was for the Weyburn Agricultural Society's 115th annual Weyburn Fair Days. The event will be held July 4th, 5th, and 6th, with liquor being served in a designated area on each of the fair days.

The other was for a wedding in August, which will be taking place at the Weyburn Motocross grounds, which is City-owned. The applicant must still request approval from the SLGA.

The PRIDE flag-raising ceremony will be held Monday, June 17th at 12:00 p.m. at Memorial Park, adjacent to Weyburn City Hall. Read more about PRIDE Week HERE.

During the inquiries and announcements portion of the meeting, Councillor Larry Heggs commented on how impressed he was by the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show, held in Weyburn last week.

"The oil and gas industry in general in Saskatchewan and the Weyburn area is so positive and builds so much for the local economy, and then to take the opportunity to celebrate it once every two years is even that much better, and just hats off to the group that does it because they do such a wonderful job, great event. Just a great opportunity to be part of." 

Heggs told Discover Weyburn that it's just one of many events taking place year-round in our community that boost our economy and more.

"Of all the events throughout, not only just in the summer, but even year round, whether it would be the Ag Society and the effort they put into the Fair, curling events that go on during the winter time, the Spark Centre," he said. "Look at Jubilee Park last weekend, with all the soccer and baseball, it was completely full. So any time that we get any of that sort of events in the community, it's economic stimulation and it's great. It showcases the community." 

The next meeting of Weyburn City Council will be held on June 24th. Mayor Roy pointed out that there are only a handful of meetings left with the current Council, as this is an election year. He encouraged anyone interested in running for Council to get in touch with the City Clerk, Tina Clay, to find out more about the process of running for a seat.