12:03 p.m. - Environment Canada is expecting the blizzard conditions to continue through the afternoon, tapering off in the evening. There has been around 20-25 centimetres of snow accumulated in the Weyburn area, with more having fallen closer to the US border. The actual measurements are tough to determine due to the winds, which have been gusting up to 80 kilometres an hour at time around Weyburn. 

A few more highway closures have been reported as well, with Highway 6 closed from the Corinne corner going south to just north of Pangman. Highway 35 is also closed at this time from the junction with Highway 48 north to the Trans-Canada. 


11:33 a.m. - The Weyburn Police Service continues to advise that if you do not need to be out on the roads, to stay home. Roads within the city of Weyburn are covered in snow drifts, particularly at intersections and by open spaces. Travel not recommended advisories continue to remain in place for all highways in the southeast, and all highways in the Estevan area remain closed. The Trans-Canada Highway from Moose Jaw to Regina is also closed at this time due to the conditions. 


The highways around Weyburn remained under travel not recommended advisories Saturday morning as the blizzard that hit southeast Saskatchewan continued to ravage the area.

The storm, which started in earnest Friday night, is bringing high winds and snow to the region, which prompted a blizzard warning to be issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

As the conditions started to deteriorate, the Weyburn Police Service posted to social media advising of the highway closures in the Weyburn area, as well as advising people to stay home and avoid travel due to the conditions.

By Saturday morning, the conditions did appear to be improving, with a slight improvement in the visibility within Weyburn, but outside of the city, the highways remained affected. For those heading towards Estevan, there were a number of closures in the area, including Highway 39 from Midale to North Portal, Highway 18 from Oungre, through Estevan, to Alameda, Highway 47 from Handsworth, through Stoughton, to the US border, the Estevan bypass, and Highway 9 from Alameda to Northgate.

Also closed Saturday morning was the Regina Bypass, and the Trans-Canada from Regina to Balgonie.

As for the travel not recommended advisories, they were in effect for all other highways in southeast Saskatchewan from Assiniboia east and south of the Trans-Canada. The advisories were due to zero visibility, drifting snow and swirling snow as well as snow drifts on the highways themselves.

A number of events have been cancelled in Weyburn due to the weather. This includes the performance by the Regina Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players and a Weyburn Soccer event at the Spark Centre. As of 9:45 a.m., it wasn’t known of the status of other events that were scheduled for the day and night.

Due to the conditions within Weyburn itself, a number of businesses were also closed for the day Saturday.

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