The Weyburn Comprehensive School presented Academic Awards on Monday night in the Cugnet Centre.

The most prestigious award, the Tom Zandee Humanitarian Award, was presented to Cooper Walbaum.

"The Tom Zandee Humanitarian Award goes to the Grade 12 student who has given up themselves in his significant way for the betterment of others in home, school or community. This award can recognize an outstanding contribution to an individual family, school or community, a display of personal courage under adverse circumstances, or a demonstration of initiative and selflessness in overcoming personal problems. 

"This year's recipient fits all three of these criteria," shared Joanne Jensen, presenter of the award. "In November 2019, in his first semester of Grade 10, at the age of 15, Cooper Walbaum's life changed and his world was flipped upside down. Cooper's ears were ringing after hockey one day, so his mom took him to the doctor after some blood work came back with alarming levels, Cooper was off to the Saskatoon Hospital."

"Cooper was diagnosed with leukemia. It was evident right from the start of this life-changing journey to everyone around him that Cooper had a positive attitude and strength that was truly admirable."

"When a nurse asked what Cooper's blood type was, he answered, "double-positive, awesome". That was the start of his medical journey. When he finishes his last treatment in July, it will have been a journey of 974 days of fighting leukemia. Cooper had two or three common slogans that he, along with his family and friends used throughout his journey: 'Losing is not an option'. 'Double positive, awesome'. And 'you got this, Coop'." 

"Cooper and his family had tremendous support from family and friends, but it was Cooper that lifted the spirits of his family and friends with his humour and positive attitude. Cooper's character really showed through when he had an idea to raise money for the pediatric oncology units in Saskatoon and Regina. While still on his own health journey, Cooper decided that these units had done so much for him that he wanted to give back. He designed a baseball shirt with the slogan 'losing is not an option'. He did this project primarily on his own, and raised over $5,500, which was split between the two hospitals."

"I had the pleasure of meeting with Cooper and his parents recently," Jensen continued. "Cooper had made a video in a journal journey and he shared it with me with his parents present. I was in awe of his strength and bravery that he has shown over the past 2 and a half years. He has spent 49 days in the hospital, and has had countless procedures and treatments, including extensive chemo, lumbar punctures, blood transfusions, transfusions, bone marrow aspirations, et cetera, et cetera."

"His parents told me he never ever complains, and when someone asks how he's doing he either says 'I am fine', or 'I am good'. I'm fine really means I'm feeling pretty crappy. In fact, Cooper told me that he's currently taking some chemo, and that when he has chemo on a Wednesday, sleep for two hours a night from the steroids for about five days. So on two hours of sleep he continues to get excellent marks, never misses school unless he's having a treatment or procedure, and then he plays baseball in Estevan. Just a remarkable young man."

"Cooper will be graduating this weekend with his peers, after a 21-month school hiatus, Cooper came back to school. This has not been easy. He has had to do schoolwork from the hospital. He has taken many of his classes online and is now taking 12 credits in this, his Grade 12 year, in order to graduate with his peers," she shared. "I have incredible respect for his determination."

"When I asked Cooper when we were meeting in my office, what he has learned throughout his health journey, he said appreciate every moment. Don't sweat the small stuff. Life can change in the blink of an eye, so live every moment to the fullest. These are pretty big life lessons for a 17 year old." 

"In conclusion, Cooper, there were several teachers that nominated you for this award. As a staff, we are also proud of you. Your courage has been remarkable. I'm sure the world has big plans for Cooper Walbaum.

coopJoanne Jensen presented the award to Cooper Walbaum (photos by Marna McManus). 

The R.C. Smith General Proficiency Award went to Ben Manning. The student must have a minimum Grade 12 average of 80 per cent and 40 Block W points in Grade 12. Manning's 85 per cent average plus 100 Block W points for Football, Senior Boys Basketball and more.

The T.C. Douglas Medals Top Averages for Male and Female Student went to Emersyn Jordens, who had a 98.71 (runner up was Chantel Lanz who had an average of 98.5 7 per cent), and Jun Lee, who had a 94 per cent average. Male runners up were Andrew Donald, Evan Lund, and Sidney Sidloski. 

Academic awards were presented to students for individual Grade 12 subject medals, Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Certificates, Grade 12 Honour Roll (for 80% or higher average for the current year), Principal's List (90% or higher average for the current year), and for Grade 12 Scholastic Awards of Merit 3 "A" (80% or higher average for all three years).

The Catholic Women's League (St. Vincent de Paul) Sponsorship of $500 went to Jamie Labbie and Emersyn Jordens.

The Crescent Point Energy Corp. Bursary in Memory of Ken Cugnet of $2,000 went to Sidney Sidloski.

The Darold Kot Scholarship of $500 went to Evan Barsness and Ben Michel.

The Evan and Mary Goranson Family Scholarship (Business) for $2,000 went to Shae Pelechaty, and the Evan and Mary Goranson Family Scholarship (Nursing) for $2,000 went to Jane Fingler.

The Grad '84 Rocks! Bursary of $840 went to Aasa Cleasby and Tracy Zagada, the Grad '96 Bursary of $960 was awarded to Braelee Wade, and the Grad 2017 of $200 went to Kamryn Neiszner.

The Grieg Seafood Bursary of $500 went to Teagan Dubiel.

The Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division #140 Bursary of $500 was presented to Jane Fingler.

The Jerry and Orlanda Mainil Bursary of $1,000 was awarded to Matthew Charlton and Evan Barsness.

The Jim Rose Memorial Bursary of $1,000 went to Aasa Cleasby, the Kailynn Bursic-Panchuk Memorial Scholarship of $1,000 was given to Charlize Hallberg, and the Matthew Mondor Memorial Scholarship pf $250 was presented to Evan Barsness and Matthew Charlton

The Masonic Lodge Latomia Weyburn #20 Bursary of $250 went to Chanel Lanz and Charlize Hallberg.

The NSWB Law Firm Leadership Scholarship for $1,000 was given to Emersyn Jordens, and the NSWB "Michael R. Weger Pursuit of Education" Scholarship of $1,000 went to Chanel Lanz.

The Prairie Sky Co-operative award of $1,000 went to Sidney Sidloski Matthew Charlton.

The R.M. of Weyburn Memorial Award of $500 went to Matthew Charlton.

The Royal Canadian Legion Weyburn Branch #47 Bursaries of $1,000 each went to Sabrina Chicoine, Shae Pelechaty, Kara Zelyck, and Jillian Zackrisson.

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses Local 63 Annual Bursary Giving 4 scholarships this year for $1,000 went to Hayley Gill, Charlize Hallberg, Jane Fingler, and Zoe Brooks.

The Saskatchewan Superannuated Teachers' Scholarship for $1,000 will be given later in the year.

The Stella Swertz Nursing Award of $1,000 and the Satre/Nieviadomy Dental Scholarship for $500 will be given at a later date.

The Schuck Law Firm Post Secondary Scholarship for $1,000 was given to Chanel Lanz.

There was no winner for the South Country JD Tech Tuition of $1,500.

The South Country Equipment Agricultural Scholarship for $500 went to Matthew Charlton.

The St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish Bursary for $1,000 went to Jamie Labbie and Jane Fingler.

The Stewart Steel Inc. Bursary for $500 went to Sidney Sidloski.

The Tony & Madeleine Moser Memorial Scholarship for $1,000 was presented to Ben Manning, Ben Michel, Sidney Sidloski, and Tensei Iida.

The Violet Delrose Moore Memorial Scholarship for $500 went to Bea Primero, and the Violet Delrose Moore English Scholarship for $500 was awarded to Kendra Madriaga.

The Weyburn Chamber of Commerce of $500 went to Skyler Kreger.

The Weyburn Comprehensive School Citizenship Award of $500 was given to Tasey Gerle, the Weyburn Comprehensive School Custodians Scholarship of $500 went to Andrew Donald, the Weyburn Comprehensive School Leadership Award of $1,000 went to Chanel Lanz, the Weyburn Comprehensive School (Konica Minolta Award) of $500 was given to Kara Zelyck. 

The Weyburn Comprehensive Student Scholarship of $500 went to Jamie Labbie and Jillian Zackrisson.

The Weyburn Credit Union: Memorial Scholarshipof $1,000 was presented to Chanel Lanz and Emersyn Jordens.

The Weyburn Fire Brigade Bursary in Memory of Eric Lanktree of $500 went to Jane Fingler.

The Weyburn Kin Club Scholarship of $500 was given to Kamryn Siba.

The Weyburn Oilwomen Scholarship "Pursuit of Oilfield or STEM" for $500 was awarded to Skyler Kreger, and the Weyburn Oilwomen "Oilfield Pursuit of Education" for $500 was given to Kamryn Neiszner.

The Weyburn Police Association awards of $500 were not yet decided.

The Weyburn Rotary Club Scholarships for $1,500 went to Emersyn Jordens and Tracy Zagada.

The Weyburn Young Fellows Don Murray Memorial Bursary of $1,000 was awarded to Emersyn Jordens.

The Young’s Equipment Bursary for $450 had no applicants. 

Grade 12  Subject medals awarded: Jun Lee won for Accounting, Tracy Zagada won for Art, Kamryn Neiszner won for Band, Jamie Labbie won for Biology, Tracy Zagada won for Chemistry, Teagan Dubiel won for Choral, Eunice Detubio won for Clothing, Riley Payne won for CM. Coady Fellinger won for Commercial Cooking, Braelee Wade won for Computer Science, Austin Knupp won for Construction, Beth Honig won for Cosmetology, Sidney Sidloski won for Drafting as well as Electrical, Hayley Gill won for Entrepreneurship. Teagan Dubiel won for English, Chanel Lanz for Financial Literacy, Jillian Zackrisson for Foods 30, and Aasa Cleasby for Interior Design. Andrew Donald took the award for Machining, Emersyn Jordens for Mathematics, Quinlan Buckingham for Mechanics, Ben Manning for Boys P.E., Troy Dickie for Girls P.E., Bea Primero for Physics, and Teagan Dubiel for Psychology. Lize Engelbrecht won for Robotics, Jamie Labbie for Social Sciences, and Andrew Donald for Welding.

Note: No Alt. Ed, Business and Social Tech, or French medals were given this year.

On the Grade 12 honour roll: Zoe Brooks, Matthew Charlton, Aasa Cleasby, Cooper Crane, Eunice Detubio, Halen Drake, Macie Hala, Lana Hamel, Abbie Hayward, Bethany Honig, Tensei Iida, Tanner Johnson, Kristina Junk, Amanda Kaip, Josh Kalman, Levi Krienke, Hayden LaRocque, Kendra Madriaga, Benjamin Manning, Benjamin Michel, Brooklyn Moser, Alexandra Nelson, Raisha Querubin, Francis Meg Rodriguez, Kamryn Siba, Ocean Tonn, Rochelle Toporowski, Adrienne Van Staveren, Cooper Walbaum, and Bryanna Yeik.

On the Grade 12 Principal's list: Bridget Alexander, Honey Mae Bernal, Quinlan Buckingham, Kacy Byrns, Sabrina Chicoine, Troy Dickie, Andrew Donald, Teagan Dubiel, Lize Engelbrecht, Jane Fingler, Tasey Gerle, Hayley Gill, Wyatt Godlonton, Charlize Hallberg, Jeana Hulbert, Martina Johnson, Emersyn Jordens, Skyler Kreger, Jamie Labbie, Chanel Lanz, Jun Lee, Evan Lund, Gesmun Magno, Kamryn Neiszner, Shae Pelechaty, Bea Primero, Sidney Sidloski, Emily Soles, Kylie Vandesype, Elizabeth Verhaeghe, Braelee Wade, Jillian Zackrisson, Tracy Zagada, and Kara Zelyck.

3A award recipients: Bridget Alexander, Honey Mae Bernal, Zoe Brooks, Quinlan Buckingham, Matthew Charlton, Sabrina Chicoine, Cooper Crane, Eunice Detubio, Troy Dickie, Andrew Donald, Halen Drake, Teagan Dubiel, Lize Engelbrecht, Jane Fingler, Tasey Gerle, Hayley Gill, Wyatt Godlonton, Macie Hala, Charlize Hallberg, Lana Hamel, Abbie Hayward, Bethany Honig, Jeana Hulbert, Tensei Iida, Emersyn Jordens, Kristina Junk, Amanda Kaip, Josh Kalman, Skyler Kreger, Levi Krienke, Jamie Labbie, Chanel Lanz, Hayden LaRocque, Jun Lee, Evan Lund, Kendra Madriaga, Gesmun Magno, Ben Manning, Ben Michel, Brooklyn Moser, Kamryn Neiszner, Alexandra  Nelson, Shae Pelechaty, Bea Primero, Francis Meg Rodriguez, Kamryn Siba, Sidney Sidloski, Emily Soles, Rochelle Toporowski, Adrienne Van Staveren, Kylie Vandesype, Elizabeth Verhaeghe, Braelee Wade, Bryanna Yeik, Jillian Zackrisson, Tracy Zagada and Kara Zelyck.