Amethyst, selenite, geodes, tiger's eye, pyrite, agate, ammonite, and squid fossils are just some of the gems and rocks currently on display at the Weyburn Public Library - and they all belong to one family.

Ten-year-old Caroline is one of the Walter family's main collectors, along with mom Angela. She said they collect them from a variety of places, many of which represent fond memories.

"We just go to, like, stores that sell rocks, so we buy some of those, and that's how we get a huge rock collection," she shared. "We go to amethyst mines when we're going when we're having fun with Phoenix, who lives in Ontario."

She said the majority of their pieces are in the display case at WPL, but there are still quite a few more at home, smaller pieces that didn't fit with the display.

"My favorite ones are the amethyst, the really pretty amethyst tree, but they're really pretty, the amethyst, when they're polished," she noted.

"My favorite memory is like when we were going to Winnipeg, we would get a gem each. We would get like glow-in-the-dark gems or like a little rock that seems pretty and we'll just take it home and put it in our gem collection."

In their home, the Walter family displays the collection inside a clear coffee table at home, but now that they have seen the way they've been set up at the library, dad Chris said he's inclined to follow suit at home.

Caroline said they just keep the rocks and gems for decoration, because they're really pretty. 

"The geodes, in the sun, they're really pretty."

She said they saw that the library was displaying another person's collection of turtles when they saw a sign welcoming more collections for display. They just had to fill out a form to make it happen.

"My mom wrote down the names of what they are and then put them on the shelf."

Homeschoolers Caroline and her sister Genevieve also go to Regina every week for music lessons.

"I do piano and violin, and Gen does guitar."

Chris added that the amethyst mine was an incredible place to visit, especially for rock lovers like their family.