It's a new year for the Weyburn Public Library, with a new Branch Manager at the helm, Dawn Silver. 

One of the ideas she said they're working on that she'd like to see take off beginning this year is "Dinner and a Movie". Public feedback, however, will help to make or break the idea's development.

"I don't know if we're going to go with it, but it's something that was kind of near and dear to me when I was working in Ontario," she explained. "It ended up on my desk to do this program. It was all foreign films and it was potluck, so you brought what you could and everybody sampled it, and it was dinner and a movie, and then discussed the movie afterwards."

She continued, "I started out with about three people attending. There was only 1,300 people in the village, but by the end of my tenure there, we were up to 15 to 20 people, and we did it once a month and it was just a wonderful evening.:

Silver noted that she'd also like to see the WPL's Maker Space take off a little bit more. 

"Right now we just have a table with things on it, but I'm sure we can increase what we offer and turn to the community and say, 'well, what do you want?' We can do some great stuff," she shared. "We have these maker kits that have so much in them that we can provide terrifically good services."

She said some of the kits even include a sewing machine.

Read and hear more from Silver HERE.

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