There's still time to view and vote in the the James Weir Peoples Choice exhibition on display at the Weyburn Gallery.

City Curator Regan Lanning said after the end of the day on March 17th, she'll replace the numbered title tags beside each piece, and replace them with tags that include the artists names. 

"So people can come back and connect the pieces they voted for, to an artist," she noted. 

You can also vote online HERE. The online platform won't be updated with artist names, though, so it will simply be closed.

A closing reception event open to the public will be held at the Weyburn Gallery at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 23rd.

"We will announce the winners and present them with trophies made by Speedy Glass," Lanning shared. "Come on down. Enjoy yourself." 

She encouraged each of the artists to attend the event.

"We do our best to take a photo of of the artist with their work before they take it home, and then we post that the following Monday or so to our Facebook page so that everyone can get credit for their hard work." 

Click the related stories link below to view close-ups of each of the works and to see what else is on display at the gallery, all of which are works by local artists.

jwpcPhoto by Marna McManus.
jwpcPhoto by Marna McManus.