The traffic lights at Souris Avenue and Second Street in downtown Weyburn haven't been working in several months, and that intersection has been operating as a four-way stop.

"The traffic lights are down in that area. They have removed them and now they're redoing all the underground wiring and we will put be putting up new traffic lights," explained Engineering Director with the City of Weyburn, Jennifer Wilkinson. "They will be the black ones like we have in the downtown area to match that decor." 

"Unfortunately, the timing was poor in the sense that we knew these traffic lights had to be replaced and they went down prior to having all the equipment on site, so we weren't able to repair them immediately, which is why we've had a four-way stop for a while."

She said now, however, they do have the equipment and the infrastructure in place to complete the job.

"They are going to be working on it for the next few weeks," she concluded. "It'll look wonderful."