Something new is coming to the 114th annual Weyburn Fair Days this year.

According to Brandie Fisher, the Media Relations director with the Weyburn Agricultural Society, people have been asking, so they're going to try it.

"Being on the social media page, I follow a lot of other Ag societies and they've been doing it, and then I've been getting questions on the Facebook page, like, 'hey, can I bring in a table?' Ao then at the board meeting, I'm like, 'hey, is this like an option we could do? Cuz there's some interest'. So we're kind of changing things up and seeing what the people want."

She said the trade show will be held on Saturday, July 8th, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Exhibition Hall. Tables are $100 each, with no doubling up on vendor types. Vendor applications can be found HERE.

Fisher said that since this is their first year doing a trade show during the fair, they're keeping it to 20 tables in all.

"We'll see how that goes and then in future years, maybe we could go bigger," she explained. "This is our first year, so hopefully there's lots of interest."

Another new feature this year is having use of the Tom Zandee Sports Arena for tractor pulls and household arts displays.

"So we're kind of utilizing both buildings," she noted. "We had an entertainment meeting last week and we have a board meeting this week. We're just kind of finalizing the times and we're actually jam-packed. We cut down a day and we added more stuff. So I'm excited."

The event is three days instead of four, she clarified, in order to not overburden their volunteers.

"Four days was a lot, and then you need that fifth day to clean up, so then people were still taking off of work, but you're already tired. So it's just hard on everybody's bodies."

Fisher added they are always looking for more volunteers for the fair days.

"We run the knocker balls, we need groups to hopefully step up and run that for us and then we have gates and beer gardens and even the clean up in between the shows and the exhibition halls, because kids like their candy and stuff, so they leave it behind," she shared. "It'll be good. A lot of people step up, and I'm excited to see everybody."