This week began with the 25th annual Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday and we are also observing the 13th annual National Indigenous History Month in Canada.

That is why the Weyburn Arts Council is currently doing all that they can to help promote Indigenous artists that live in Saskatchewan.

Another piece by Marcy Friesen (courtesy of Regan Lanning).

"We decided that one of the best ways that we as an Arts Council could fulfill our mandate and also celebrate First Nations and Indigenous Peoples is to highlight Indigenous artists and creators in our province," explained Regan Lanning, Curator for the City of Weyburn and the Weyburn Arts Council.

Created by Christine Marie, a woman of Metis + Filipino roots, Christine Marie is the founder of Awasis Boutique (courtesy of Regan Lanning).

Throughout the week the Arts Council has been and will be sharing a number of Indigenous creators to showcase their various artwork and bring more support for them within our province.

Created by Christine Marie (photo courtesy of Regan Lanning).

"The history we were taught was not the truth and we need to educate ourselves by doing the research to learn the facts and the history of Canada," Lanning expressed. "One of the ways that we can support our Indigenous brothers and sisters in this time is by purchasing what they make directly from them and honouring what they do."

Lanning added that right now the Arts Council wants to help Indigenous Peoples any way that they can and they plan to continue their social media promotions all week long to do their part in building a better and more inclusive future.

"Spend your dollars wisely and help any way you can," shared Lanning.

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Feel to reach out to Regan Lanning at if you have any suggestions of how we can continue to build a better future through our own community.