Volunteers are essential contributors to building a thriving community. Crocus 80 Theatre and the Tommy Douglas Performing Arts Centre, known for their committed volunteers, are currently organizing their Annual General Meeting. They extend a warm invitation to anyone keen on uniting with them and welcome fresh ideas. 

They are kicking off the Fall season with an Acting Workshop on Monday, October 2, where actors will play a wide variety of games and it’s through these games that the players will learn to take center stage and develop their own unique characters. 

“Come on out and have lots of fun with Bernadette Mullen, she will take the actors on a fun journey, exploring different worlds. And I'd like to say that $25 is coming back to Crocus 80 and the Tommy Douglas Centre, and with these kinds of workshops that we host, it's a great opportunity for us to make a little bit of revenue so that we can continue to do things like offering the free summer youth theater program,” said President, Brittany Nightingale. 

Nightingale conveyed the group's aspiration to establish a rejuvenated atmosphere, inviting newcomers to participate in all facets of theater, including directorial roles.

“There’s tons of opportunity, if you would like to direct, please come on board. You could reach out to the board by just showing up to the AGM. But you can also reach us on Facebook and send us a DM or our e-mail at crocus80theatre@gmail.com.” 

For those who are more interested in learning the technical side of theatre Nightingale says, “We love our behind-the-scenes crew, and we are always looking for people to learn. Sometimes we have some youth who might be interested in lights and sound and that's something we always like to try to take the opportunity to foster those creative minds and help us so that Crocus 80 can have a successful future.” 

The AGM will kick off this Wednesday, September 27th at 7:00 p.m. at the Tommy Douglas Performing Arts Centre. To keep up to date with Crocus 80 Theatre, follow its Facebook page here. For those interested in attending the acting workshop, email bernadette@creatorstheatre.ca or DM Creators Theatre Facebook page and refer to the poster below.

Creators Theatre Workshop Poster

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