Despite being a relatively young organization, the Weyburn Lacrosse Association has achieved significant milestones in just a few years. This past summer marked a historic moment, with an impressive 25 percent of the club's players in the U13 to U17 age groups participating in the national competition. Additionally, the club is proud to announce its inaugural awards night, another first in its remarkable journey.

Lanny Stinson, who serves as the Vice-President and Thrashers Chair, gives the exciting details on the coming awards night.

“We have three awards per team that we're going to hand out, they’ll get medals. And we’ll get a male and a female athlete of the year out of the whole association.” 

The three medals awarded to each team will be Most Valuable Player, Most Sportsman-Like, and Most Improved. Stinson also shared that over the years the skill set of the players has really improved in large part because of the additional winter development camps and off-season coaching that has been available.

Stinson extends an invite to all interested in attending the awards night which will be held at Exhibition Hall, on Tuesday, September 26 at 7 PM.

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